Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What We Need

What We Need

By Melissa Christiansen, MA, LPC Intern #73566

Supervised by Katrena Hart, MS, LPC Supervisor #15619

I saw a video recently that struck me.  It struck others, too, as it was one of those viral videos that spread far and wide across social media.  In it, a person has submerged a camera in a full bucket of water and filmed the visitors that come to drink.  It’s quite endearing to watch the variety of fuzzy and curious mouths and muzzles that come to quench their thirst.  You can see the video here.

As I watched the video, I noticed how all these creatures, large and small, strong and weak, have this basic need for water and join together in one place to meet this need.   The bucket is common ground, a place where each animal is willing to show need and meet it.

It’s an interesting reflection on the concept of need.  When do we do this in our lives?  Where is your “bucket,” or your safe place to acknowledge and meet your need? And what is it like to openly show this need to others around us?

At one point in the video, you see that some bees have attempted to drink and are now struggling to escape the water.  The video owner reveals that he rescues each bee from the water and sets it free.

Have you ever been the bee?  What is it like to acknowledge a need, attempt to meet it yourself, and then to need rescuing? What is it like to need help?  What is it like to give help?

I needed a pointed nudge from a colleague to write this blog post.  I was stuck in my mindset as the “victim” of writer’s block, unable to think creatively.  I found my “bucket,” my safe place, in a group of people where I could state my struggle.  I acknowledged my challenge and my colleague offered help in the form of an idea. 

I encourage you to watch and enjoy. What do you see in this video?  What meaning does it hold for you?



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