Sunday, February 18, 2018

How Am I Feeling Right Now? A Self Check-In

Sticker Self-Check In Exercise 

By Melissa Christiansen, MA, LPC Intern #73566

Supervised by Katrena Hart, MS, LPC Supervisor #15619

            What’s happening for you right now, right in this moment? Are you calm?  Are you distracted?  Is your body hot, cold or comfortable?

Take a big breath.

One of the habits I encourage for clients is increasing awareness of present feelings and physical states.  It’s a simple mindfulness practice.

            Focusing on the present, to acknowledge feelings here and now, has so many benefits for health and wellbeing. But life gets in the way. We are rushing, we are working, we are caring for family, and we are going through our daily lists.  That’s why a new habit, for me, needs to start with something very easy… something that fits very well into my day.  Committing to 20 minutes a day of mindfulness meditation, from 0 minutes a day, may be out of reach.  What if you could start with a few daily “check ins” that each take a couple of seconds? 

            I recommend what I call the “Sticker Check-In.” Choose 2 or 3 stickers, place in various spots, and use them as mindful prompts during your day.  Perhaps your stickers are colored dots, shapes, or puppies--anything you like and that you will notice.  Put these in spots you will see a few times throughout your day:  stick one on your mirror, maybe one on the oven or microwave door.  (Do not put one on your phone or computer screen, as these are so ubiquitous that you’ll become habituated to the sticker prompt and it will lose its purpose).   

            Each time you see your sticker, take a deep breath.  Ask yourself,  “What is happening for me right now?”  That’s it.  This intention builds awareness of your body and emotions, helps to practice here-and-now focus, and increases self-compassion. 



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