Sunday, February 18, 2018

Walking Down the Hall

Reflections of a 16 Year Old

Walking Down the Hall

By Alyssa Vaughn


Walking Down the Hall

She walked through the school, down the hall

All of her friends just never saw

School and it's gossip isn't on her mind

She only thinks of the girl she left behind


The girl who always laughed and who

Had a great life and never knew

Now everything's changed, nothing the same

If only this life were just a game


But she walks through the hall knowing

That she has to keep on going

Try not to think about all her best friends

On her road of life there are only bends


She is hanging on for dear life

Praying her suffering and strife

Will all be over and her life start new.

Her crying will stop and she won't be blue.


But as she's walking and thinking

Her empty feeling starts sinking

An ear to ear smile creeps on her face

She realizes she's in her place


All around are ones who love her

Helping through, her security cover

They were always pushing to keep her strong

Made her feel she could never go wrong


Through all of the painful times

They are there while she staggers and climbs

Always believing in her not to fail

Helping her dreams to finally set sail


Now she takes time to stop and see

All she has accomplished and achieved

She has come so far from the sick young girl

God's given her a gift, he gave her the world


Walking down the hall, her head high

Confidence shining in her eyes

With a new understanding of herself

Her past is finally put on the shelf


Happiness like a puppy dog

Finding her heart, pushing out fog

She knows she will be ok once and for all

So many thoughts as she walks through the hall


This poem was written for a project in my freshman English class. As I read this poem today, I am reminded of the importance of having a support system in your life. My family has always been my biggest support group. My family has always been there to offer encouragement and my best friend was always there to talk to and really understand me.

My husband is now my best friend and biggest supporter. I am also part of a psychodrama training group at Bridging Harts that gives me a lot of support and encouragement as well.

For many people their church offers a network of support, and co-workers may also be part of your support system. Other ways of building support around you include joining a support group, sports teams, book clubs, and more.

I recently read a quote from a woman in NYC who is 108 years old and her life motto is, "If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful will happen." To me, this can be applied to building up your support system by stepping outside of your comfort zone; Join a group, take lessons in music, or enroll in a new class. Whatever you choose, be sure it includes new people. Or maybe only one new person if you are taking lessons from a guitar coach. Either way, this will help you bring others into your support network who are on your side and who are there to offer you encouragement along the way.


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