Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Race

Reflections of a 16 Year Old

The Race

I recently took ownership of a few boxes of my pictures, yearbooks, and school projects that had previously been stored in my parent’s attic. It was a wonderful opportunity to go through these items and reflect. My favorite discovery was a stack of folders from a creative writing class I took in high school, each filled with poems, stories, and favorite quotes and song lyrics. One poem in particular really resonated with me now. I titled the poem, The Race.

Race against time

Can someone stop the clock?

I need another minute

Just one more tick-tock


The days are too short

Time goes by so fast

Trying to get everything done

To make every second last


I’m losing this race

I’m way too far behind

I need an hour or two

To gain some piece of mind


Then I can continue

This race with Father Time

Maybe I’ll catch up

When it’s my turn to shine


Although I do not recall exactly what this poem was speaking to, I can certainly apply it to my life today. It can feel like a marathon to try to manage the demands of each of the roles that I have taken on of mother, wife, student, intern, worker, friend, and more.  Each role is important to me and when they are out of balance then it can feel like I am missing out on an important part of my life, but if I don’t take some time to take care of myself then it can feel like my life is spinning out of control.


There are a few things that help me stay sane. One is my morning coffee. I take about thirty minutes each morning to sit in my recliner and sip my coffee, and this is my way to relax. Music is also helpful. When my mind won’t quit worrying or running nonstop, then I can turn up the music to drown it out and tune into more positive vibes. And my family and friends give me a lot of support, especially my husband.


I have learned that in this race it is necessary to build in aid stations along the way. Sometimes that looks like counseling, sometimes that looks like a supportive friend, or a cup of coffee, and sometimes you will need all of these things. For me, it is also important to remember to enjoy the journey.


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