Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Paying Attention to the Signs

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Paying Attention to the Signs

One of my favorite times of the year has finally arrived- Spring!  Just as I have had enough of Old Man Winter and his skies of gray and woolen sweaters, the world that I know bursts into bright green bud and bloom!  Oh happy days are here again! 

Don’t get me wrong- winter is a wonderful season that grants me time to snuggle in with solitude, lazy days and introspection.  But goodness knows, I can only stand myself for so long until my heart aches for the sweet sunshiny days of spring. 

The arrival of spring in all her glory reminds us that life never ends, but only transitions (and possibly transforms), if one is willing to wait the sometimes achingly long days of darkness, shadows, solitude, stillness and uncertainty.  Bless the tiniest of twigs that produces the smallest of bright green buds!  I see hope in those buds. 

And daffodils?  Don’t get me started!  Miniature suns that sprout from the still cold earth seem to smile and wave and cheer, “It’s time to smile and celebrate!” 

Spring seems to me a great time to practice mindful awareness of all of Nature’s magic.  It’s also a great time to pull away from the television, technology and video games and pay attention to the show outside. 

One way to increase mindful enjoyment of all that spring has to offer is to “pay attention on purpose” to little signs and symbols that show up throughout your day.  For instance, when I am feeling the doldrums of winter, and I see a patch of daffodils, I am reminded that the sun always shines even behind gray clouds.  I am reminded that the plans I have been making over the winter months need action steps.  The golden yellow blossoms stir the solar plexus and fill me with the energy to move! 

In truth, I make this a practice year round, but in spring, I find a renewed excitement in this little game.  It’s as if around every corner there is a little gift from beyond beckoning me to just have fun and lighten up a little!  Baby birds, bunnies and butterflies, oh my!  What message could they be sending me?  Lady bugs, lightening and lilies….so many ways to sense the magic in the seemingly ordinary! 

For more fun, I use a website that offers some guidance and perspective on ancient, symbolic and traditional meanings of various things especially nature’s treasures.  I want to encourage you to try it out, although you really don’t need anyone else to give meaning to your experience!  What do the signs of spring mean to you?  I hope you take the time to pay attention and practice mindful awareness of all that this beautiful world is gifting you this spring and check out this link for more fun!   http://www.whats-your-sign.com/


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