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Gay and Lesbian Issues

Sexual and romantic attraction is what creates a person's sexual orientation. Individuals who are attracted to the opposite sex are heterosexual. Those who are attracted the same sex are homosexual. Those who have an attraction to both genders are bisexual. It is misleading to think sexual orientation as a sexual preference as it implies that this is a choice and not a natural personal characteristic.

What is the psychological impact of prejudice and discrimination?

Individuals who are gay, lesbian or bisexual can be subjected to a high level of discrimination and prejudice. You can see these limitations in job opportunities, parenting, and relationship recognition. This can put you at high risk for stress, depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse and much more. This leads many individuals to hide or deny their sexual orientation. Individuals begin to feel unsafe or ashamed of who they are because of this behavior.

What is coming out and why is it important?

This phrase is referred to as the experience of self awareness of an individual's sexual orientation. The individual feels safe in telling people, whether one or many, about their attractions and begins to identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. This process can be an uneasy one as many fear the reaction of others or the possible prejudice and discrimination they may face.

This step is a very important step in life as integrating ones true sexual orientation promotes well being and a greater sense of self. If we are unable to accept ourselves and share this with others it can affect our mental health in very negative ways. Disclosing ones identity opens the doors to self acceptance and to receive support from other individuals and organizations. It is very important for every individual to find nonjudgmental and positive support.

What about therapy?

Therapy for gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals is not much different than any other therapy given. The most important thing is to discover where an individual is in their process of integrating or accepting where they are in life. Within therapy we promote self acceptance and self love. This process can be a long, or short, journey depending on where they are in their process when they entered therapy. Individuals who have suffered a great deal of discrimination and have suffered from lack of support from the ones they love may have more work to do in their process of self discovery and self acceptance. Some situations may be situational and not last very long. Each individuals needs are different but it is important to seek help and support from a nonjudgmental and trustworthy source.


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